Brand van Egmond


What is the standard length of a stem of the BRAND VAN EGMOND chandeliers?

BRAND VAN EGMOND chandeliers equipped with this kind of mounting system have a standard stem length of 200cm. Two parts of 100cm are supplied and can be connected, in order to obtain the desired length. The stems are easy to cut and can be mount easily to the ceiling with the supplied mounting parts. BRAND VAN EGMOND chandeliers are delivered with an assembly manual.

What is the standard length of a stainless steel cable of BRAND VAN EGMOND chandeliers?

The BRAND VAN EGMOND chandeliers fitted with a stainless steel cable have a standard length of 200cm. The stainless steel cables can be easily adjusted to the desired length by guiding the steel cable through the automatic cable-tensioner and cutting of the surplus with steel cable pliers.